AIW Institute Services

The AIW Institute Coaches work with schools through multiple approaches and media to support collaborative teacher team-building, enhanced instruction, and more authentic learning for students. Please contact the AIW Institute for more information about these opportunities.

AIW Mini-Courses

Whether you are a current or prospective AIW practitioner, we invite you to participate in these new AIW Institute mini-courses, designed to deepen your understanding about key elements of the AIW framework and PD process.  More details will be available soon! 

Course schedules and topics

October - November, 2020: Substantive Conversations in both Face-to-Face and Virtual Spaces 

December, 2020 - January, 2021: Higher Order Thinking & Questioning Strategies 

February - March, 2021: AIW Facilitation and Coaching Strategies 

April - May, 2021: Value Beyond School & Disciplinary Processes 

AIW Community Conversations

AIW (Virtual) Community Conversations were piloted in the spring of 2020, and they brought AIW practitioners together to share their experiences, strategies, and questions. During the 2020-2021 school year, AIW Community Conversations will be offered once per quarter from 12:30-1:30pm US Central Time. All new and veteran AIW teachers and administrators are welcome to join us! There is no cost to participate. 

Register here for our first Community Conversation on September 24, 2020. 

Full AIW Implementation

Purpose: AIW Institute Coaches work with teacher teams to improve the rigor and relevance of instruction and assessments. They also work with administrators to support sustainable, high quality implementation of AIW.

During this multi-year collaboration with a school or district, an AIW Coach will work with educators to develop collaborative teacher teams and support the implementation of AIW in their school. During multiple visits to the school, the AIW coach helps establish team norms, model the AIW scoring process, and engage teachers in critical conversations about improving instructional practices, which will improve student learning. Before and after each visit, the AIW coach engages with administrators to clarify goals and to ensure that the team meetings run effectively.

This full AIW Institute Professional Development Process includes:

  • Interdisciplinary and cross-grade teacher teams of 4-6 teachers each that meet 4-6 hours per month
  • Building Administrators participate as learners
  • AIW Institute Coaches conduct a 2-day kick-off followed by 4 site visits during the year and participate in team meetings, as well as consult with school or district leadership

This Research-Based Professional Development Process Contributes to:

  • Common understanding of shared instructional framework and language
  • Consistent and reliable AIW scoring
  • Increased trust and stronger collaboration
  • Improved teaching and assessment practices
  • Increased student engagement and test scores
  • System-wide instructional coherence

Intro to AIW Workshop Series

Purpose: This 6-session workshop introduces practicing teachers and administrators to the Authentic Intellectual Work (AIW) framework. This is ideal for schools or districts that would like to learn more about AIW before committing to multi-year implementation. Teachers and administrators from different schools/districts in nearby geographical regions can participate together.

AIW coaches will conduct a 6-session in-person or virtual workshop series designed to introduce participants to the theories, research and processes that provide the foundation of Authentic Intellectual Work. 1-2 hours of preparation is required for each session; this includes readings and videos designed to build background knowledge about targeted session topics. During each 2.5 hour session, workshop participants will:

  • Analyze the theories and research that guide the AIW framework
  • Explore tools and facilitation approaches that support high-quality teacher collaboration around the instructional core to advance student learning
  • Apply theories, research and tools to their own practice


Purpose: To provide a school or district leadership team with an introduction to the AIW Framework and AIW PD, to support their decision making on partnering with the AIW Institute.

An AIW Coach will conduct an hour-long webinar or video conference with your leadership team. During that time, the AIW Coach will:

  • Introduce Authentic Intellectual Work (AIW)
  • Review the process for engaging in collaborative analysis of teacher tasks within the AIW Framework
  • Discuss the comprehensive approach to implementing AIW in a school and the role of the AIW coach
  • Get input from the leadership team regarding timing, scheduling, number of pilot teams, and other pertinent information in order to prepare a proposal and budget for AIW PD

Advanced AIW Workshops

Purpose: AIW Coach(es) will conduct on-site or virtual workshops as part of professional development or in-service day. These workshops are intended for schools and districts that have already implemented AIW and would like to deepen their understanding and application of particular topics (e.g. Higher Order Thinking or Substantive Conversation, AIW PD program evaluation).