The PD Process

Using AIW's rubrics, teacher teams analyze instructional artifacts and build shared understandings. The AIW Institute offers PD that is: Collaborative & Reflective, Committed to Equity & Culturally Responsive Practices, Responsive & Respectful and Coherent

Transforming instruction and assessment is extremely challenging work. Meaningful teacher learning, collaborative work, and changes in practice take time. AIW PD must be sustained over multiple years, and expansion within a building to all teachers must be carried out with adequate support. We prefer schools commit to at least three to five years of sustained AIW professional development.

The Process

AIW Institute Professional Development Process includes:

  • 4-6 interdisciplinary or cross-grade teacher teams that meet 4-6 hours per month
  • Building Administrators participate as learners
  • AIW Institute Coaches visit the site four times per year and participate in team meetings


The AIW Institute Coaches work with administrators and teachers to support effective implementation of the AIW Framework. During multiple visits to the partner schools, AIW coaches help establish team norms, model the AIW scoring process, and engage teachers in critical conversations about improving instruction. Before and after each visit, coaches engage with administrators to clarify goals and to ensure that the team meetings run as smoothly as possible.


This Research-Based Professional Development Process Contributes to:

  • Common understanding of shared framework and language
  • Consistent and reliable AIW scoring
  • Increased trust and stronger collaboration
  • Improved teaching and assessment practices
  • Increased student engagement and test scores
  • System-wide instructional coherence

The Cycle

The graphic below demonstrates the cycle; click here to view a table outlining the AIW framework's criteria and standards in more detail.