Important message from the AIW Institute: We were extremely fortunate to be part of a project that brought together Israeli and Palestinian educators to support continual improvement in teaching and learning (Building Bridges not Borders). And now, we are saddened and angered by the recent violence in the Middle East. We remain hopeful for peace, and stand for the dignity, equality, and human rights of all Palestinians and Israelis.

In memorium
With heavy hearts, we mourn the loss of Professor Fred M. Newmann, the leading scholar and researcher of Authentic Intellectual Work. AIW Institute director Dr. M. Bruce King, Newmann’s colleague for over 25 years, explains, “Fred’s research and professional development efforts have energized teachers’ collaborative work, and influenced instruction and assessment for both improved learning and more equitable learning. His colleagues and K-12 educators continue to apply AIW in classrooms across the country and internationally.” Professor Newmann’s obituary

The Framework

The AIW Institute offers professional development and capacity building using the Framework for Authentic Intellectual Work, developed by Drs. Fred Newmann, M. Bruce King, and colleagues at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

The AIW framework drives our collaborations with teacher teams and administrators. The framework consists of three criteria that are essential to high quality learning experiences for students: construction of knowledge, disciplined inquiry and value beyond school. A school-based AIW team analyzes examples of teacher tasks, student performance, and instruction through the lens of these three criteria.

Construction of Knowledge

Do students construct new knowledge through higher order thinking?

Disciplined Inquiry

Do students build on prior knowledge to develop in-depth understanding, expressed through elaborated forms of communication?

Value Beyond School

Do students apply knowledge to real world problems or issues of personal relevance?

How does it work?

What We Do

The AIW Framework is put into practice through a unique approach to teacher collaboration. 

Professional Development

Using AIW's rubrics, teacher teams analyze instructional artifacts and build shared understandings.  AIW coaches support each team's unique learning journey.

AIW Institute Services

The AIW Institute Coaches work with schools through multiple approaches and media to support collaborative teacher team-building, enhanced instruction, and more authentic learning for students.

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Life-Long Educators, Instructional Coaches, School Administrators and Trained Researchers

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Meet the educators and coaches of the AIW Institute. 

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Using the AIW rubrics to analyze my instructional practices helped me realize how much more effective I could be. After taking a long hard look at how I was teaching and what I was expecting of my students, I realized I was spending too much time trying to impart my knowledge and spending too little time allowing my students to construct their own. I discovered that primary age students are capable of a much deeper understanding of concepts than what we have always given them credit for.

April Teal

Instructional Coach, Pike County Primary School, GA
As the superintendent of a school district that is a participant in Authentic Intellectual Work, I am very grateful for the professional support our entire district has received from TS Educational Leadership Consultants. Both Tina Wahlert and Susie Peterson have demonstrated a passion for their mission and a commitment to our district and staff to the highest degree. Both Tina and Susie are organized, proactive, dedicated, and very responsive in working with our district to meet and fulfill our needs; both of them are very willing to listen and respond to the highly-individualized needs as expressed by the stakeholders and staff who are a part of our district. I cannot emphasize enough how valuable TS Educational Leadership has been to improving the quality of teaching and learning at Kelliher School District.

Tim Lutz

Superintendent-Kelliher Public Schools, Kelliher, Minnesota

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